How To Wear Jeggings For a Trending Look

by Outflits .com on Jul 22, 2020

what to wear with jeggings

We mostly have more comfortable wearing leggings and skinny jeans for the past few years, but do you ever think about jeggings? How comfortable are jeggings as a comparison to denim jeans and leggings? So here we will guide you on how to wear jeggings and what to wear with jeggings for trending look in this gorgeous world.

So what exactly the jeggings are? The word jeggings is really a cross between jeans and leggings. Unlike regular jeans, unlike denim fabrics, jeggings are made of a different fabric (more of a leggings material).  The fabric of jegging is soft, stretchy like leggings and skinny jeans also don't have zippers or belt loops in the upper part, basically, jeggings are like pull-ups! Due to their elastic waistband, jeggings are greatly comfortable and are also flattering in most body types.

How to Wear Jeggings The Right Way

There are a few thumb rules you must have to follow when it comes to wearing jeggings, Let’s discuss below:

  1. Finding the Right Fit

How To Wear Jeggings

There are lots of jeggings with different sizes for all body types available in the market, and finding the right size according to your body size is definitely very important and sometimes hectic also! Just for an example if you're 5'4 and under this size, be sure to first check out the petite segment as regular-sized jeggings maybe not too long in the leg. The best task you can do this time, go to the trail room with few different sizes according to your size, and observe which one is fitted on you!

2. Choosing a Wash

Although jeggings can be super comfortable, sometimes jeggings can also be very inefficient. Because they contour your body, they may also exhibit some areas that you do not want to show. If so, we personally recommend you to select a darker color, which will make you slimmer and also looks good with everything like plain white t-shirts or also with any colour.

What to wear with jeggings

Jeggings are really pretty versatile, and I personally think they would work better than skinny jeans or leggings. Because jeggings are very soft and streamy denim material, they do not necessarily cover your bottoms. In fact, some jeggings can raise the bum up and pronounce the right curves (this is where the right fit is chosen!).


 how to wear jeggings

Jeggings with a cute tee is a superb combination, I personally like this combo in summers specially. Wear a long T-shirt with jeggings and to look classy do a French Tuck (where you tuck a small part of your shirt off the front of your pants). Apart from this, if your body figure allows, a crop top will also look awesome with jeggings. But nothing can beat the jeggings pair with a tee because this look is very comfortable and stylish! Also, check out our latest list of summer dresses for women in 2020.


How To Wear Jeggings For a Trending Look

Jeggings are very much like jeans, sweaters are their ultimate partner. Oversized/slouchy sweaters, sweater dresses, turtlenecks, or cardigans can all be worn with a pair of jeggings.

It gives a hot look in winters especially.


Blazer with jeggings;  how to wear jeggings

A pair of jeggings attire is with a blazer! A blazer can immediately add a bit of elegance to any outfit, and no doubts jeggings are no exception. This is the best formal dress for your meeting, office, etc.


what to wear with jeggings

Another very surprisingly simple way to wear a cute button-up top with jeggings. You can also try french tuck with this dress up, it will give you a unique and impressive look.

But the most reliable method to know how to wear jeggings and what to wear with Jegging is just to try on different combos by yourself. Take a pair of jeggings and go through your wardrobe and you might be fully surprised to find some comely wondrous combinations!

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