Do's And Don't With Capri's For Women

by Outflits .com on Jul 26, 2020

do's and don't with capri


So the summer season is on its peak and with that comes a lot of heat. I can bet nowadays the biggest concern in your mind will be regarding your dressing. Everyone will be struggling to look pretty and fresh between this heatwave. On top of it due to the arrival of monsoon, sometimes the weather change is sudden. So how about the idea of looking fashionable with ÇAPRIS this season’. I KNOW capris are the all-time favourite of you guys as these are immensely comfortable and make you look fashionable too. But, do you know the do’s and don’ts of wearing a Capri??? If not……than you should babes because a little mistake can ruin your whole appearance and the same way you can conquer the vicinity just by styling your Capri perfectly. So, here Outflits will help you with some general guidelines of Do's And Don't With Capri's For Women.

Do's And Don't With Capri's 


1. If your height is just medium than try wearing high waist capris, it will make your legs look longer and you’ll appear taller than you actually are.

2. Try to always go for straight-line capris or skin fit ones. They show up your curves and make you look attractive.

3. While paring your capris with shoes, always pair them up with small looking shoes or bellies instead of bulky sports shoes.

4. Heels or simple colourful slippers will also give you a cozzy look.

5. If your Capri is skin fit than pair it up with a balloon top or a loose top and if your Capri is wide one than pair it up with skin fit top.

6. Now if you are thinking about pairing up your Capri with some accessories than small earings will be magical. Apart from this a thin bangle or a watch will add up some extra magic.

7. If you are thinking about carrying a bag while dressing up in capris, always go for a small hanging bag with a long chain.


1. Don’t wear capris with the length up to your lower leg, it will make you look fluffy. They should end up at the slimmer part highlighting your ankles and will enhance your height.

2. Avoid capris with huge pockets and cuffs if you are not too slim. They will add up unnecessary space. Let it be straight and simple.

3. Never pair your capris with huge looking shoes neither with flat shoes. Pair them with shoes or sandals with some heels.

4. Avoid wearing long tops with capris if you are not an average height person.

5. Never pair Capri and tops which have large patterns. If the top has huge patterns Capri should be plain and visa-versa.

6. Avoid heavy accessories while dressing up in Capri.

7. Avoid matching the colour of your top with that of your Capri. It will only work when both are black.

8. Never pair loose Capri with a loose top. It will take up all your glam.

9. Don’t carry a huge bag while wearing Capri it will cover up your body and you’ll look short.

I hope you love to read this article and as from now will remember the Do's and Don'ts with Capri's while wearing. Visit our store today for a wide range of Capri's for Men's and Women's!